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HTC One Google Play edition receiving JWR66Y OTA update

HTC One Google Play edition

Small security fix hits two weeks after finding its way to Nexus devices

The Google Play edition version of the HTC One is pulling down an OTA update tonight that brings it back up to speed with Nexus devices on build JWR66Y. The update, which folks are indicating has been hitting at least some devices, is to the same one that hit Nexus phones and tablets about two weeks ago with a quick security fix.

Besides a small bump in build number to JWR66Y.H1 and a few numbers changed in the kernel version, you should notice no user-facing changes, just as was the case when the update hit Nexus devices. 

Seeing the update on your own HTC One GPe? Let us know how you're getting along in the forums.

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The First Tweet From Dick Costolo When He Joined Twitter Says A LOT About Him

dick costolo

Twitter is about to file the most anticipated IPO since Facebook and the man leading the charge is CEO Dick Costolo.

Twitter confirmed that it filed the S-1 documents with the SEC on Thursday, in a tweet.

The S-1 form isn't public yet, so we don't know how much money Twitter plans to raise, but it should be huge. The company is expected to do more than $500 million in revenues this year and has taken more than $1 billion in funds from investors. They will want a good chunk of their money back, plus profit.

We found the first tweet of Twitter's CEO just before he became COO, Dick Costolo, and given today's news, his tweet is ... revealing.

Before you read it, you need to know some background. Costolo joined Twitter in 2009 as the company's Chief Operating Officer. Twitter was already a popular service, but it was also a free service. Costolo's job was to figure out how to make money. Looks like he did (and we'll know more about that when we see the S-1 form.)

Before you read his tweet, you should also know that Costolo is a genuinely funny guy and he was probably joking. Before he was a tech entrepreneur, he was a member of a comedy improv troupe in Chicago called Annoyance Theater.

Still, the day before he joined Twitter as COO, with Evan Williams still CEO, this is the thing he sent out into the world.

Interestingly, Williams first asked Costolo to step in as CEO as a temporary gig, while Williams was on paternity leave, reported Jessica Guynn at the Chicago Times in 2011.

But, true to his first tweet, he stayed on. Evans moved over to a product development role and eventually left Twitter and pursued other startups (though he stayed on the board of directors).

Costolo came to Twitter by way of Google. He was the cofounder and CEO of a startup called FeedBurner, bought by Google in 2007, reportedly for about $100 million. Costolo joined Google and became a product manager responsible for social media ads. Prior to Google he founded two other startups, SpyOnIt, and Burning Door Networked Media.

Costolo has deftly avoided questions about Twitter's IPO the whole time he's been CEO. Even just a couple of months ago, in June, he told AllThingsD's Kara Swisher flat out:

"I'm trying to run this business and build this business. [An IPO] isn't what I spend a lot of time thinking about."

Clearly, with the IPO paperwork filed, he's got to be thinking about it now.

How will he run the company after it goes public? Here's a hint. The tech company he most admires is Amazon, he said in May, speaking at the National Venture Capital Association’s VentureScape conference, reported The Wall Street Journal's Lizette Chapman:

Along with its culture of willingness to try new things, it seems to have that whole ‘manage investor expectations’ thing down pat, Costolo said, judging from Bezos’s annual letter to shareholders last month when he told them having no profits was actually a good thing.

Read into that what you will.

Update: This story originally reported that this was Costolo's first tweet. He was an avid Twitter user before he joined the company. We apologize for the error.


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Twitter has filed for an IPO, it announced on its own Twitter feed.

The S-1 filing has been long-awaited. It will give us a first glimpse of the real financial numbers behind the micro-blogging company. S-1 IPO filings with the SEC require that the company disclose its historic and current revenues, profits and balance sheet holdings, prior to selling stock to the public.

Here's the tweet:

Twitter ipo

In what appears to be a joke, Twitter immediately followed its announcement with this tweet (below).

Twitter IPOThe IPO filing had been expected. Twitter has clearly grown into a huge business — it's expected to do more than $500 million in revenues this year and has taken more than $1 billion in funds from investors — and the rumors and chatter swirling around the company had reached fever pitch.

We noted earlier today that Wall Street and other observers all seemed to be behaving as if an IPO was expected.

The most recent tantalizing clue was the fact that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo declined to answer questions yesterday after giving a speech on leadership at Techcrunch Disrupt. Companies that are filing paperwork with the SEC often go through "quiet periods" which restrict executives from saying anything that might prime the market.

Months after becoming Twitter's new finance chief, Mike Gupta began talking to investment banks about handling the company's initial public offering, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Gupta has a previous relationship with Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, with whom he worked at Zynga. Jared Keller, a freelance reporter, says Goldman is leading the underwriting.

The IPO filing is currently "confidential," according to the tweet. Confidential IPOs are favored by companies that have less than $1 billion in annual revenue:

Filing as an emerging-growth company requires less paperwork, including submitting just two years (rather than the usual three) of financial statements to the SEC. What's more: Every bit of the filing, including correspondence about it, is kept out of the eyes of the media, competitors, and the investment community until the company decides to make it public (no later than 21 days before the IPO presentation series, known as a roadshow).

MarketWatch has a good explanation also:

The confidential nature of the filing appears to be based on the law passed last year, called Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, or JOBS Act, which allows some companies planning to go public to keep some of its information confidential, until the deal gets closer to pricing.

Some believed Twitter had held off filing for an IPO after the experience of Facebook, which went public at $38 but then immediately became embroiled in a controversy over whether Wall Street analysts had been given different information in phone calls with the company than was contained in the company's other disclosures.

Retail investors interest in a Twitter filing will likely be intense: Although Facebook's stock initially fell in value by half it has since popped up to $44.75. Facebook's investor relations crew has basically spent the last year explaining to investors how social media advertising and marketing works — and Twitter will benefit from that educated investor market.

P.S. Note that Business Insider was just 12 days amiss in its February estimate of when Twitter would file for an IPO.

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Sony working to make sure PlayStation 4 won't sell out at launch, says CEO

Jack Tretton says PS4 production yields have been "phenomenal" and that the company is working to ensure stock will be available at launch.


Sony's American CEO Jack Tretton has said that the company is holding back stock of the PlayStation 4 so machines will be available in stores on launch day.

When asked by Fox Business about how many current preorders Sony had for the PlayStation 4, Tretton said that "it's everything we can manufacture. We want to make sure that consumers have an opportunity to buy one on November 15, and through the holidays, so we're holding back some inventory to make sure that people will have an opportunity to buy one."

"We can pre-sell every unit we can manufacture," added Tretton, before saying that "production yields have been phenomenal, so this will be, by a magnitude of a lot, the biggest launch we've ever had."

When pressed to give a number, Tretton said that Sony was unlikely to publicly release an updated figure--Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 had been preordered by a million customers at Gamescom 2013--but said that "there's so much pent-up demand for it that you could sell every one that you could create."

Praising the new hardware, Tretton said that Sony was at "an all-time high right now" and that the PlayStation 4 "is the crown jewel in what has been a tremendous road for us since the debut of the original PlayStation here back in September of '95."

Elsewhere in the interview, Tretton said that the PlayStation 4's advantages over Microsoft's Xbox One was the game lineup and $100 cheaper price.

The PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15 in North America and on November 29 in Europe.

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Readdle ships Calendars 5, smart calendar for iOS

Calendars 5 (US$6.99, available now at an introductory price of $4.99) was released today by Readdle, Inc. We'll have a full review of the new app soon, but suffice it to say that Calendars 5 is billed as a "smart calendar that understands human language and supports tasks and iOS reminders."

Check out the video below for an idea of how the natural language processing of Calendars 5 works, and be sure to grab the app while it's on sale.

Readdle ships Calendars 5, smart calendar for iOS originally appeared on TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog on Thu, 12 Sep 2013 17:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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