'Highly programmable' DNA cubes could be used for drug delivery

3D cages made from strands of DNA could be used as a nanotechnology solution for drug delivery.

Cubes of DNA, with molecular tentacles, or chains, attached on each corner, spontaneously create water-repellant carriages that could be used to carry drugs.

In research carried out at McGill University in Canada, lipid-tipped DNA chains attached to DNA cubes folded back inside, creating places for hydrophobic molecules to be carried. The research is detailed in a paper published in  Nature Chemistry on 1 September.

By: Kadhim Shubber,

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Source: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-09/02/dna-cages-drug-delivery


£125,000 prize for gaming startups launched by Technology Strategy Board

The UK's Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has announced a £125,000 prize for gaming startups.

Five prizewinners will receive £25,000 each, and will also receive support and business introductions from IC Tomorrow, which is part of the TSB and is leading the prize.

The " Digital Innovation Contest -- Games" competition culminates in a Dragons Den-style 10-minute pitch before a panel of four experts.


By: Kadhim Shubber,

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Source: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-09/02/gaming-startup-prize


Bethesda: Nintendo should follow example set by Sony and Microsoft

Vice president of public relations and marketing at the Fallout and Elder Scrolls studio has criticised Nintendo's approach to third-party involvement.


Bethesda Softworks vice president of public relations and marketing Pete Hines has said that the lack of third-party support for Nintendo's Wii U console is a result of the company's approach.

Speaking on an episode of GameTrailers' Bonus Round as transcribed by Gimme Gimme Games, Hines pointed to Sony and Microsoft as examples, saying that Nintendo must "do what Sony and Microsoft have been doing with us for a long time" in communicating with third-party publishers.

"They involved us very early on…they say, 'here's what we're doing, here's what we're planning, here's how we think it's going to work' to hear what we thought," Hines said.

"You have to spend an unbelievable amount of time upfront doing that. If you're just going sort [of] deciding, 'we're going to make a box and this is how it works and you should make games for it'. Well, no. No is my answer; I'm going to focus on other ones that better support what it is we're trying to do."

Last year, Hines commented on the lack of Bethesda support for the Wii U, saying that the company mantra has been, and continues to be, to launch games on platforms that support them. More recently, Hines pointed to hardware as one of a "number of factors" for the lack of Bethesda titles on the Wii U.

The Wii U has sold 3.45 million units worldwide to date, below Nintendo's expectations for the platform. The company hopes to spur sales--and, in turn, third-party interest in the system--by launching several first-party titles this year.

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Top five Android apps for going back to school

That time has come round again. A new academic year means a couple of main things: no more sleeping in and much more traffic. We have decided to take this opportunity to give you five of the best free Android apps in time for going to school, college...

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Gearbox working on two new IPs for next-gen

CEO Randy Pitchford confirms Borderlands studio working on brand-new games for next-generation consoles.


Today during a PAX Prime panel, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford revealed that the studio is working on two new franchises for the next-generation of consoles.

These are in addition to other new projects the company is working on, Pitchford said. During the panel, Pitchford joked, "Should we announce Borderlands 3?"

Gearbox Software confirmed last year that Brothers in Arms: Furious Four will be reimagined as a new IP.

Also during the panel, Gearbox Software gave new details about its 2013 Community Day event. This year's event will take place on September 14 and will be streamed online.

Those who purchase the "digital bonus pack" for the Community Day event will be able to stream the event in high definition and will receive access to a closed beta for one of the upcoming Gearbox Software games. In addition, these users will receive a free download of Homeworld HD.

A price for the bonus pack was not announced.

Borderlands 2 was released in September 2012 and has shipped over 7 million copies to date. A Game of the Year version will be released in October.

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