02:52 am: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 reportedly landing on Three UK September 16th, Sony Xperia Z1 coming September 24th
01:52 pm: How App Store grifters clone an overnight success to make a quick buck
05:52 pm: LEGO Mindstorms gains social media site, three iOS apps
09:52 pm: LG G Pad 8.3 officially unveiled: 8.3-inch Full HD display, quad-core processor and more
01:52 am: Hawaiian Airlines will offer iPad minis to passengers
05:52 am: WIN Free Accommodations + 2 Tickets to Tech Cocktail Celebrate
09:52 am: Belly Announces $12.1 Million Series B-1 VC Funding
05:52 pm: Science Says These Are The Words To Use To Get On Reddit's Frontpage
09:52 pm: Yes, Talking On A Hands-Free Cellphone While Driving Is As Bad As Driving Drunk
01:52 am: 'Highly programmable' DNA cubes could be used for drug delivery
05:52 am: £125,000 prize for gaming startups launched by Technology Strategy Board
09:52 am: Bethesda: Nintendo should follow example set by Sony and Microsoft
05:52 pm: Top five Android apps for going back to school
09:52 pm: Gearbox working on two new IPs for next-gen
01:52 am: Google Just Passed 1 Billion Android Activations, And Its Next Operating System Will Be Called 'KitKat' (GOOG)
05:52 am: Think before you switch carriers
09:52 am: Top five Android apps for going back to school
01:52 pm: Apple sends out invites for Chinese media event on Septemer 11th
05:52 pm: 'Ice wall' planned to prevent leaks at Fukushima nuclear power plant
09:52 pm: Mapping websites reveal just how stupid it is to geotag your tweets
01:52 am: Court rules that sale of DRM-laden songs on iTunes did not run afoul of antitrust law
05:52 am: Sony Action Cam HDR-AS30V pictures and hands on
01:52 pm: This Early Review For Samsung's Smart Watch Sounds Really Bad
05:52 pm: The mechanical wizardry behind the teeny, tiny new Jambox
09:52 pm: IFA 2013: Today is Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear and Honami Z1 day
05:52 am: LG G Pad 8.3 hands-on
01:52 pm: iPhone factory Jabil Circuit accused of labor abuses
05:52 pm: Fujifilm X-A1: Cheaper X-series camera sees early reveal
01:52 am: People Are Already Lining Up For The New iPhone (AAPL)
05:52 am: Hoda Kotb Gets Thousands Of Texts After Accidentally Showing Cell Phone Number On-Air While Trying Samsung Smartwatch
09:52 am: Top 10 Android Widgets
01:52 pm: Life After Square: Jim McKelvey Starts SixThirty Accelerator
05:52 pm: CSR: World's thinnest keyboard, fingers and hands-on
09:52 pm: Path adds new privacy features, premium subscriptions
01:52 am: Video: Galaxy Note 3 versus Galaxy Note 2
05:52 am: Video: Galaxy Note 3 versus Galaxy Note 2
01:52 pm: Apps teachers use to tame the classroom and teach their students
09:52 pm: Apps teachers use to tame the classroom and teach their students
01:52 am: Meet the laser-guided beard trimmer (yes, it is real)
09:52 am: Here's The First Mention Of Google In The Mainstream Press, From 15 Years Ago
01:52 pm: Formula E racing cars to feature Qualcomm Halo wireless charging
09:52 pm: Rockstar explains male-only protagonist roster for Grand Theft Auto V
01:52 am: Call of Duty: Ghosts tweaks sniper rifles and alters quick-scoping
05:52 am: Parallels responds to Slashdot user concerns over Desktop 9 installing Access without permission
09:52 am: PPL Connect is a virtualized smartphone that lets you make and take calls from a web browser
01:52 pm: Roku's Android app updated with user-created video streaming
09:52 pm: Walmart debuts smartphone trade-in program
01:52 am: Capcom predicting "severe contraction" of packaged market
05:52 am: Visualized: Inside the Moto X factory
09:52 am: Scoop.it Launches iPad App to Make You an Armchair Publisher
01:52 pm: The NSA Surveillance Machine Grew Too Big For Anyone To Understand
05:52 pm: Motorola's Active Display versus LG's Knock-On
09:52 pm: See how the Moto X is made (video)
01:52 am: The creepiest thing we've done thus far with the Sony QX10
05:52 am: Tumblr Founder David Karp: 'You'd Have To Be Out Of Your Mind To Live In Palo Alto' Where All Those Rich Tech Execs Live
09:52 am: PS Vita TV can 'technically' support PS3 games through the cloud, according to SCE CEO
01:52 pm: Toyota axes monthly fees for its Entune in-car infotainment systems
05:53 pm: Conspicuously absent from Apple's media event -- new iPods
09:52 pm: Hands-on with the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and Folio for iPad mini
01:52 am: HTC One Google Play edition receiving JWR66Y OTA update
05:52 am: The First Tweet From Dick Costolo When He Joined Twitter Says A LOT About Him
01:52 pm: Sony working to make sure PlayStation 4 won't sell out at launch, says CEO
05:52 pm: Readdle ships Calendars 5, smart calendar for iOS
01:52 am: Apple working towards new store at One World Trade Center in NYC
05:52 am: Who said the iPhone 5c was meant to be cheap?
09:52 am: Incredible jumping insect uses mechanical cogs to synchronise its legs
01:52 pm: WIN Free Accommodations + 2 Tickets to Tech Cocktail Celebrate
05:52 pm: X-Doria's iPhone 5c/5s cases: First look and giveaway
09:52 pm: Submit Your Nominations For The 2013 Silicon Alley 100!
01:52 am: SanDisk's CFast 2.0 card is the world's fastest memory card of any kind
05:52 am: Apps of the Week: Pocket Trains, My Wendy's, DraStic DS Emulator and more!
01:52 pm: Nokia tested Lumia Android handsets before Microsoft deal
05:52 pm: Leaked Kindle Fire render lends credence to incoming refresh
09:52 pm: Chrome for iOS updated with enhanced search options including pronoun support for voice
01:52 pm: Daily iPhone App: Vert, the beautiful conversion utility
09:52 pm: Analyst: GTAV to net $1 billion in sales during first month
01:52 am: Twitter planning massive app overhaul following launch of iOS 7
05:52 am: Zappos New Downtown Vegas Office Opens With Rainbows, Unicorns & Llamas
01:52 pm: Huawei Ascend Mate review
09:52 pm: AT&T investigating possible $5 billion sale of cell towers
01:52 am: CHART OF THE DAY: Technology Platforms With A Billion Users

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